What am I currently reading?

 Two books are presently occupying my attention.

The first is Wayne Grudem’s outstanding new book, Politics According to the Bible. I loved Grudem’s Systematic Theology and this latest work rises to the same level of excellence. It is indeed a comprehensive work that will help the Church understand modern political issues in light of Scripture. Grudem leaves no doubt about where he stands about Christian involvement in politics. His conclusion: We must be involved for the greater good and in order to be obedient to our Lord’s command that we be “salt and light.” I highly recommend it.

The second book is The Virtues of Capitalism: A Moral Case for Free Markets by Austin Hill and Scott Rae. I chose this book to beef-up my Christian worldview thinking on the subject of economics. Hill, a syndicated talk-show host who holds a master’s degree in the philosophy of religion and ethics from Biola University, and Rae, a PhD., and professor of Christian ethics at the Talbot School of Theology, reveal the positive effects of religious traditions on economic performance. Indeed, they show that, even during the Great Depression, capitalism in the United States was — and continues to be — shaped by biblical values, leaving us all economically and morally better. Given the recent sins of the gangsters at Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac and Wall Street, it is a timely read.

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