Missouri Baptist elected to top state Senate post

In a stunning political development earlier today, Republican state senators elected Rob Mayer, a member of First Baptist Church, Dexter, as the new president pro tem of the Missouri Senate, making him the leader of the state senate. He defeated Kevin Engler for the post and is a signal to the Republican establishment that conservatives — including Tea Partiers, mean business. Rob will make an outstanding pro-life, pro-traditional family leader for the Senate. We should thank God for placing him in this position and pray for him regularly.

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2 Responses to Missouri Baptist elected to top state Senate post

  1. Rev. Al says:

    You have misrepresented Kevin engler. He is a strong family man. Strong pro-life. Outspoken Christian. Raised a Southern Baptist and still very supportive of the local Baptist churches. He attends a variety of churches in the area.

    • editordon says:

      I did not mean to imply Sen. Engler was not a conservative or not pro-life. I also did not say anything about his family life. I have attended worship services with him and believe him to be a fine public official. I was simply affirming Rob Mayer. Thanks for reading and writing.


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