Busy day today

Sorry that I did not get to blog more today. I was tied up in staff meetings most of the day. The meetings went well. We will have a full staff in-office day Tuesday so I may not get to blog much. I should be able to give it a full go Wednesday. I appreciate your understanding and invite you to keep checking in, especially for breaking news.

I had an excellent chat with MBC Executive Director David Tolliver this afternoon. As usual our chats are wide ranging, always lively, full of insight (at least on his part) and greatly appreciated.

The relationship David and I have is one of both boss/employee and pals. He is my day-to-day on-site supervisor, but only the MBC Executive Board has hire/fire authority over the editor. This is an unusual set-up, but one that David and I have grown comfortable with and one that I believe we would agree leave Missouri Baptists well served.

David and I have known each other since I was a national correspondent for Baptist Press covering Project 1000 and the Conservative Resurgence in Missouri in 1999. I enjoy reminding him of things he told me back in those days that he has forgotten. He often laughs at himself now for being so trusting of a reporter (in fairness he knew I was a pro-SBC conservative). Of course David was a leader in Project 1000 and that is how we got to know each other. I don’t think either of us could have ever imagined us working together in the capacities in which God has placed us today. I gladly and enthusiastically support his ministry and there is no bigger cheerleader of The Pathway than David Tolliver. Missouri Baptists ought to feel good about the relationship that exists between their executive director and state newspaper editor.

I intend, in the near future, to do a variety of brief podcast interviews with David on a variety of topics that will be featured on The Pathway web site. So watch for those.

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