Secretariat vs. Zenyatta

I cannot believe the number of people, mostly in the media, who believe Zenyatta was greater than Triple Crown champion Secretariat.

They were similar in size, both unusually large horses with plenty of personality. Who couldn’t resist giggling at Zenyatta as she danced and pranced every time she entered the track? Secretariat was always majestic, full of vigor and confidence as he went on to win the Triple Crown, a grueling achievement squeezed into three races of varying length in just a six-week span. Zenyatta never ran in even one Triple Crown race.

But here, perhaps, is a better indicator of who is greater:

Both raced the one-and-a-quarter-mile track at Churchill Downs. Zenyatta ran it in 2:02.28. Secretariat ran it in — what is still a record of — 1:59.40.

Both were incredible creatures and athletes. They serve as reminders to the creative genius of our awesome God.

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3 Responses to Secretariat vs. Zenyatta

  1. George Peck says:

    Secretariets time’s at every distance were better than Zenytatta’s.Secretariet’s time’s at every distance were better than Man ‘o’ War’s.That should tell you who was the Greatest horse.

    • lauren says:

      your spelling his name wrong its Secretariat otherwise Secretariat is bettter than Zenyatta and man o war because secretariat made over a million dollars will man o war mad 249, 472 dollars so Secretariat is the best race horse of all time in the entire world

      • the best says:

        you should know in the 20’s 249, 472 dollars is alot at that time because a dollar was worth more in that time and 249,472 is more than secretariat’s 1.3 million dollar carrer because secretariat’s 1.3 million is like three million now and 249,472 is like ate to ten million. Man o war will always be the better horse because he gallaoped to victory every race he never had to give over fifty percent he was just incredible and i should know cause my great grandpa saw both of them race and he said that secretariat gave it all he got or atleast 85% when Man o war just made a mockery of the field and he set world records like that and if Man o war gave it his all he would have set world records every race he ran and destroy secretariat’s one and a quarter mile easily and his margain of victory. Man o war was also stronger and looked like a true champion.

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