Friendship with Bott Radio, Sarah Palin, J.C. Watts

I had a meeting today with a dear friend, Sue Stoltz, general manager of Bott Radio Network’s Jefferson City station. Sue is as fine a Christian lady as I have ever known and is ably serving as the Missouri coordinator for the National Day of Prayer.

She told me something I found interesting: Bott now owns about 80 stations in 15 states (including about 30 that cover 95% of Missouri) and their research indicates that 25 percent of their listeners say they DO NOT have a home church. I find that incredible. It suggests to me that there is a number of Bott listeners out there who either don’t know where they can find a Bible-teaching/believing church or that one simply does not exist in their community. Of course a third possibility is that they are new believers and they do not know what to do.

Sue said the Jefferson City station is running free public service announcements featuring information about area churches. She hopes this will better acquaint Bott listeners with theologically conservative churches in the Jefferson City listening market.

I greatly admire Dick and Rich Bott for their faithfulness in providing quality Bible teaching and information important to Christians. Dick, of course, is in the Religious Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. Rich is now running the company and doing a fantastic job.

I had the pleasure of being among a handful of Rich’s guests in his private suite earlier this year when Kansas City-area conservatives held a rally in Independence featuring Sarah Palin and J.C. Watts. Meeting both was a lot of fun, to say the least.

Sarah was very gracious. J.C., a former congressman from Oklahoma and an All-America quarterback for the Sooners, told me something about his home church in Oklahoma that I will never forget. He said, “When we were looking for a home church after returning home from our years in Washington, we wanted to find a church congregation that looks the same way it will look in Heaven.” J.C. is one, impressive person.

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