Liberal gripes about America on Thanksgiving

St. Louis Beacon political reporter Jo Mannies could not resist taking a poke at our nation’s heritage by offering a little Thanksgiving mockery at the expense of U.S. Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri.

It seems Mannies is miffed because Akin, who is not ashamed of the Gospel and his Christian faith, offers an address to the House of Representatives every Thanksgiving to highlight the Pilgrims’ contribution to our nation’s founding and to express his thankfulness for God’s blessings on America.

Mannies summarizes such in her article, but in typical liberal fashion drops a cheap shot at the end on what Akin was conveying. You can read it for yourself here.

My point is this: Americans are tired of liberals blaming every sin ever committed on their nation. America has been blessed and in many cases America has been a tremendous blessing to others — a beacon of freedom and liberty, if you will. That is not to say she has been perfect, no nation is perfect. But what liberals do not understand is that their incessant blabbering about every sin any American has ever committed — especially at a time when a patriot like Akin is simply pausing to acknowledge the noble parts of our nation’s history and to express thanks for such — their point seems misplaced, if not bitter. Liberals cannot resist repeating what their Marxist college professors taught them in their revisionist history classrooms.

I am reminded of a quote from Karl Marx on the subject: “Take away a nation’s history and they are more easily persuaded.” That is a sobering thought Mannies, indeed all of us, should ponder this Thanksgiving. Who knows? Maybe such contemplation will trigger a renewed appreciation for what God has done for — and through — America. Perhaps an attitude adjustment will accompany that renewal as well.

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