Thanksgiving at the Hinkles

If you have nothing better to do, then you might enjoy something a little different in the way of a post from me, so here goes.

What are Bernadette and Don up too today? Well, here is the agenda and menu:

All of my family will be gathering at mom’s in White House, Tennessee, early this afternoon to enjoy a big Thanksgiving dinner. Because I have lived, usually a great distance from them for the better part of the past 30 years, I have rarely made it home for Thanksgiving. This year is no different — and that is ok. I will call them later this afternoon and talk to all the family — including Bernadette’s in Louisville, Ky. But for Bernadette and me, we will spend a fun time alone at home, resting, cooking, eating, playing with our toy poodle, Gidget, and decorating our new Christmas tree.

It is a cold, overcast Thanksgiving, so it is the perfect day to stay in, relax and have some fun. I have already begun preparing our Thanksgiving dinner, having made two pecan pies and a broccoli casserole last night while watching the Tennessee Volunteers advance to the finals of the NIT by beating Virginia Commonwealth, 77-72. (Now if the Vols will just beat Villanova in the final Friday and the football Vols beat Kentucky Saturday and clinch that Music City bowl bid, the weekend will have been a total success!)

The menu I am preparing this morning also includes turkey and homemade dressing (cornbread, celery, onions, a ton of chicken broth and a little poultry seasoning), turkey gravy, squash casserole, sweet potatos, hash brown casserole and green beans.

Of course Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on the TV while we cook, followed by the Patriots at the Lions (there are two other NFL games on today and tonight, but being the huge college football fan I am the game that interests me most is tonight’s Texas-Texas A&M game, I say Aggies, 31-27).

Bernadette is a real sweetie, she likes watching sports with me. Today I will watch the games, but not as closely as usual because we are going to do some other things like organizing our Christmas decorations (we’re getting ready to host a Christmas party at our house for The Pathway staff and some close friends), putting our new tree together and getting it decorated. We put it in my library/study and that requires a little rearranging of the furniture, but we enjoy it.

Bernadette got a kick out of a package that showed up at the house a couple of weeks ago: It contained a Christmas ornament I had purchased. It contained a black poodle with the name “Gidget” on it. So Gidget goes on the tree today. Bernadette and I have also purchased a Christmas ornament for every Christmas since we’ve been married, so the new Christmas 2010 ornament will join Gidget and all the others on the tree as well.

I am so thankful for the many blessings God has bestowed on me. My family, my wife, our home, my co-laborers for the cause of Christ at the Baptist Building, our church family at Concord Baptist Church and my many friends throughout the wonderful state of Missouri.

If you have read this far, all I have left to say is: HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND GOD BLESS YOU!

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