My mother would tell you I am generally an impatient person. It is a trait that generally does not serve me well. However, I would like to think, with age, I have become more patient.

I got to thinking about this as I read a sports column this morning from a young, talented sportswriter in Tennessee. He wrote a beautiful column until I got to the last sentence, which he totally messed-up. When I first started in journalism 30-plus years ago, such a thing would have set me off like a Roman candle. But this morning, I thought, “Well, he wrote a really fine piece, just left out a word or two so I could not understand the last sentence. Too bad.”

This may seem trivial, but it made me think that my attitude toward such matters has improved with age and maturity. We need to be patient with people, especially young people. Jesus was certainly patient with everyone he came into contact with, save the moneychangers, Pharisees and Lucifer. I’m reminded that when we pray, God gives us one of three immediate answers: no, yes and wait. That third one may be the hardest to take, but I like to think, that as I age, I learn to wait upon the Lord and quite often it turns out to be the most rewarding answer He could have ever given me.

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2 Responses to Patience

  1. josh hall says:

    Good post, Don.

  2. editordon says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Josh.

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