Big Brother watching?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which issues licenses to television and radio stations, has undertaken a study that appears to threaten our First Amendment right of free speech and obstruct the free flow of information. You can read about it here.

On the surface it appears to be another attempt to harrass by disgruntled liberals over the popularity of conservative talk radio. Numerous attempts by liberals to offer similar type shows have repeatedly failed. So they appear to want to use the regulatory power of “Big Brother” to force their views upon the airwaves, rather than letting the marketplace dictate as the public is free to pick what information it wants and from what source it wishes to get it.

So why should Christians or Missouri Southern Baptists for that matter care? If the FCC were to require that “diverse” views be expressed in order for a station to keep its license, then religious programming on networks like Bott Radio, would have to offer views differing from orthodox Christianity. Can you imagine a sermon by a Wiccan witch following a sermon by Charles Stanley. That could be the requirement for a network like Bott in order for it to stay on the air.

Such a radical move would be a first step toward shutting down religious newspapers like The Pathway as well. Why? Because if the FCC would do such a thing, it is likely that some other regulatory agency would attempt the same thing for other types of information distributors. And, of course, I would refuse to let unbiblical views appear on pages with our biblical content. This provocative behavior by the FCC is something all freedom-loving Americans should watch closely.

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