MBC board meeting wrap

Great meeting of the MBC Executive BoardDec. 13-14 at the Baptist Building. Great spirit, unity prevailed.

MBC Executive Director David Tolliver gave a great address that included some general information on the work of the Organizational Study Committee (OSG) and a potentially closer working relationship with the Iowa Baptist Convention.

The OSG will bring its final recommendation to the Executive Board in April. Tolliver announced there would be a special called meeting of the board to further examine the OSG recommendation on June 7 at the Baptist Building. A final vote could come at that time. Tolliver also stressed that the OSG had nothing to do with the GCR activity in the SBC, noting that the OSG pre-dated the GCR by six months.

It is not known yet what kind of relationship could develop between the MBC and the Iowa Convention, though Tolliver said it could range from nothing, to some kind of partnership to even a possible merger. The talks between the two conventions were initiated by the Iowa Convention.

Much more extensive coverage of the board meeting is available at www.mbcpathway.com or by reading the next edition of The Pathway which scheduled to be mailed statewide Tuesday.

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2 Responses to MBC board meeting wrap

  1. Doug Richey says:

    Thanks for the update Don…glad to hear the meeting went well.

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