A dark day in the history of America … God help us

The repeal today of the so-called “Dont’ ask, don’t tell” policy in the military is a disturbing leap by America which has been creeping toward becoming a secular nation for a century. In so doing they ignored a letter from 94 organizations representing 40 million Americans urging them not to repeal the policy. Among the organizations opposing the repeal were the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Other organizations joining the ERLC were Liberty University, Teen Mania Ministries, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and the American Association of Christian Schools.

Personally, I believe, as a veteran, repeal will hurt military readiness. It will disrupt the military’s order and moral at a time when we are fighting two wars. All of the men and women who volunteered for the military, did so under terms that did not include taking showers and sleeping in foxholes with homosexuals. This could also prove disasterous to recruiting, especially among Christian Americans who may now feel the military, which endorses homosexuality, is not for them. The repercussions to national readiness could prove dire.

It is also further evidence of our government secularizing our military. If you think this isn’t indoctrination of homosexuality, consider what Department of Defense Secretary Robert Gates said upon passage of this travesty: “Successful implementation will depend upon strong leadership, a clear message and proactive education throughout the force.” Clear message? Proactive education?

It is not enough that our military has had taxpayer-funded abortions forced upon pro-life Americans while threatening chaplains that dare to tell soldiers that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father but through Him. Christians should have seen this coming when the military began recognizing witches as chaplains. Some have critizied the repeal as a social experiment. This is no “experiment.” It is being done on purpose. Radical egalitarianism trumps truth. For the post-modern American government (not the one the Founding Fathers created), equality in the eyes of man is more important than righteousness in the eyes of a holy God.

Some have argued that many European countries have homosexuals serving in their militaries without negatively impacting operations. It should be pointed out that many Europeans nations, from Germany to Sweden, are anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent atheistic or thoroughly secular.

The speed with which homosexuality is overrunning our society is breathtaking. When I was in the military (1977-1988), our intelligence community would disqualify homosexuals from getting top secret clearances for fear that Soviet spies would blackmail them into compromising our national security by threatening to expose them to superiors and even the general public. That’s how disgraceful homosexual behavior was considered not just by our enemies, but the U.S. military. How quickly we have fallen.

Our government has now given the homosexual movement more legal cover, a powerful tool in an ever mounting arsenal to use in its quest to destroy traditional marriage, the real aim of the homosexual movement. This abhorrent action moves us closer to the day when the government will side with homosexuals against Christian churches, organizations and institutions, forcing them at the point of bayonet to perform homosexual marriages and hire homosexuals — or else.

Scripture is clear, we are to love homosexuals and point them to Christ as the true way to happiness and secure their eternal destiny, but under no circumstances are we to legitimize their sinful lifestyle — one that God has called an abomination. God is not a liar and He will not be mocked.

Congress and President Obama have given homosexuals another important victory. Under the bogus disguise of civil rights, the American government has now elevated sexual preference to the same recognition under the law as gender, disability and religion receive.

Make no mistake, sexual preference and religion are on a collision course and today’s reckless action by the Senate (and earlier by the House) only hastens that inevitable clash. God help us.

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One Response to A dark day in the history of America … God help us

  1. Woodson Moore says:

    It is interesting to imagine how historians will write a hundred years from now of the awesome power of homosexuals in American politics at the present time. Considering their miniscule numbers, their decadent life-style and their intolerant, hateful speech that they are able to jerk around our political institutions as they can leaves little to be said. The slack jaw is unable to verbalize its amazement.

    One is tempted to think there is a remedy. Perhaps there isn’t. We continue to hope in the Lord’s coming in Final Judgment but in the meantime there is life to be lived, life lived by decent standards provided us by God and spelled out in his Word.

    Come quickly Lord.

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