RNC chair publicly thanks Jesus

Conservative Reince Priebus of Wisconsin was elected chairman of the Republican National Committee Friday. But what really caught my attention was how Priebus began his acceptance speech: “I would like to thank God, I want to thank Jesus for this moment. I am so blessed … .” I know what you may be thinking: “He’s not the first politician to invoke God’s or Jesus’ name.” The difference here is that Priebus is not running, or does not hold, a public office. Granted, he runs a political organization, but nonetheless, it is refreshing to see leaders publicly acknowledge Jesus. Priebus appears to be a strong believer in Christ and let us pray more like him get involved in public service. Righteous men make righteous laws. If you would like to see Priebus’ speech opening, you may do so right here. Go ahead, you will be encouraged.

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