March 14 prayer service will be a blessing

Make plans to attend the March 14 prayer service at noon in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Jefferson City. Many well known Christian leaders will be there as well as other folk like me. I prayer walked the Capitol hallways during last year’s service. Among those praying last year was Ann Graham Lotz, the daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham. Missouri lawmakers requested prayer last year as they struggled to balance the state’s budget. We prayed and few days later the budget was balanced. More righteous laws are being passed and more committed followers of Christ have been elected to office to the point where they have tremendous influence.
None of this is a coincidence. God has heard our prayers and our desire for laws that glorify and obey Him. Our motivation is not for a theocracy or anything like that. Our motivation is out of a sense of service and our love for our fellow citizens. We truly want what is best for all and that means passing laws that do not transgress God’s Word.
I do not know what God will do in the future, but it is my hope that our prayers in Missouri will ignite a roaring flame of prayer across our nation. To the glory of God our Father!

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2 Responses to March 14 prayer service will be a blessing

  1. Nancy Jones says:

    Just wondering about the details for the March 14th, prayer service at Jefferson City? When, where, time & place etc.

  2. editordon says:

    Nancy, thanks for reading and writing. The event begins with prayerwalking the State Capitol at 9 a.m. Then everyone will join in for corporate prayer and worship at noon in the Rotunda.

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