God never loses, but I do in FiredUp’s silliness

FiredUpMissouri.com, one of the liberal lips of St. Louis that lives to often poke fun at conservative politicians and pundits in Missouri, is doing a “take-off” on the NCAA Basketball Tournament. But instead of basketball teams in their brackets, there are Missouri politicians and pundits pitted against each other in contests in which readers can vote for their favorite.

Somehow I got nominated for the tournament and FiredUp immediately assigned me a #14 seed in the Open Mic Regional Bracket. I was pitted against Adam Shriver (whom I do not know, but I am sure is a fine fellow), billed as a darling of St. Louis liberals. I had mixed emotions because I knew if I won (fat chance) there was a chance I would have to face the formiable John Combest in the round of 32. In its summary about me, FiredUp said that God was on my side, but, they wrote, God had a “spotty” record in this tournament. In the end Shriver trounced me, 74%-26% with about 800 votes cast.

Two observations about this: 1. Mostly liberals visit this web site, but I was honored to carry the conservative banner into the firey fray. Time was, liberals like FiredUp, ignored conservatives. Can’t do that anymore. Not only are conservative idea legit, they are popular outside the cloistered liberal dungeons. 2. They got their summary about me and God backwards, which is typical of liberals. God was not on my side. I was on His and even though I lost in this battle of silliness, we know who wins the war at the end!

I first caught the eye of FiredUpMissouri.com a few months ago when I blogged about the possibility of Jim Talent, a committed follower of Christ, facing Claire McCaskill for her senate seat in 2012. Obviously I am a Talent supporter and that sent FiredUp’s bacon to frying. They immediately blogged about what I had said as part of their handwringing over McCaskill’s dismal re-election prospects. I’ve done the right thing and offered them a hanky.

FiredUpMissouri.com is another example of the plethora of liberal political websites springing up across the Internet. We never agree, but the debate is worth undertaking.

One final note: Of course we now know Talent is not running. Ed Martin and Sarah Steelman are. Todd Akin might. I consider Martin a dear friend and a rising star in national Republican politics. I do not know Steelman, but will be learning more about her views in coming months. Akin has been an outstanding member of the U.S. House of Representatives and would make a fine senator. Time will sort this all out. In the meantime, FiredUpMissouri.com and Thoughts & Adventures may just be beginning a lively conversation. Congratulations Mr. Shriver.

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