Wore out, thoughts about MBC board meeting

It has been a grind the past 48 hours, but The Pathway staff always enjoys the challenge. I am always glad to see the MBC Executive Board, too. Of course, I enjoy a unique relationship with the board. While I report to the MBC Executive Director on a day-to-day basis, the executive director has no editorial control of the paper and only the Executive Board can fire The Pathway editor.  In addition, I report to the Executive Board’s Pathway Workgroup, a subcommittee of the board’s communications and development committee. I am blessed because I benefit from the wisdom and love extending to me and the staff by The Pathway Workgroup, the communications committee and the Board in general. The Board hired me 9 years ago and I do not regret one second of my service to the Lord through the MBC.

There are wonderful people who serve on the Executive Board, people who give of their time to serve our Convention. I suspect there are a lot of Missouri Southern Baptists who do not understand what a challenge and committment it is to serve on the Executive Board. Very difficult decisions are quite the norm and all of the board members, like everyone else, already have plenty “on their plates.” But they do it and they do it because they want to serve Jesus.

This particular board meeting was a challenge for The Pathway staff. The print edition of the newspaper must be completed by Friday and were have a lot to report. The Organizational Study Group report, the announcement of the Executive Director Search Committee and a proposed budget for 2012 were just three of the significant topics the board dealt with. You can read our coverage of the OSG Report and the Search Committee at The Pathway website.

Pathway will be providing extensive coverage in coming weeks of the OSG proposals as well as the impact the changes at NAMB will have on the MBC. We will do our very best to keep you informed. Thank you for trusting us. I pray we never let you down and more importantly, that we never let our Lord Jesus down. To Him goes all the honor and glory.

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