A friend loses his dad

Kerry Messer is the finest lobbyist in Missouri. He is this state’s undisputed champion for conservative, traditional, biblical family values. If you do not financially support The Missouri Family Network, I wish you would prayerfully consider doing so.

Kerry’s accomplishments over the past few years at the State Capitol have been nothing short of sensational. I will not detail all of his accomplishments here, but suffice it to say they are substantial in number and substance.

But even as Kerry has done yeoman’s work in behalf of Missouri families, he has done so with a heavy heart and under considerable stress. His father, Darrell, a fine Christian gentleman, passed away over the weekend. He was 75. The funeral will be in Paragould, Arkansas where he will be buried with Kerry’s mom. A memorial service will be held Friday, 6 p.m., where the Messers are members, First Baptist Church Festus-Crystal City.

Kerry and his lovely wife, Lynn, had taken care of Mr. Messer for the past few years as his Altzheimers and Parkinson’s worsened. They were excellent caregivers who never complained.

Kerry and Lynn are dear friends, who are fine Christian people. I love them dearly and I am sure you will join me in extending our sympathy to them as well as offering prayers in their behalf.


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