Mind-blowing digital fast facts

The trade publication, Advertising Age, in its Feb. 27 edition provided the latest data on the use of digital devices and the Internet. Just to whet your appetite and to get those nurons firing here is a sampling of what they revealed:

– 94 percent of those aged 18-35 use cells phones, compared to 77 percent of those aged 58-66.

– 70 percent of those aged 18-35 owns a laptop computer versus 49 percent of those aged 58-66.

– Only 55 percent of those aged 18-35 owns a desktop computer, while 61 percent of those aged 58-66 have one.

– U.S. active mobile internet audience has grown from about 40 million in 2008 to 121 million in 2011.

– The use of desktop computers is expected to fall from its current level of 19 million to 14 million by 2016, while laptops/notebooks is expected to increase from 28.6 million now to 37.5 million by 2016.

– 70 percent of U.S. online users will buy something online in 2012.

– China leads the world in Internet users with 513 million. That number will rise another 56 million in 2012 alone. U.S. Internet use is at 231 million and is expected to rise to 239 million this year.

– Facebook claims 845 million monthly active uses worldwide, ranking it #1 in the U.S. as far as the number of unique monthly visitors.

One final stat: Those employed by digital media in the U.S. has reached 114,300, passing its 2000 dot-com bubble peak of 112,800.

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