Incredible conference call today

I had the pleasure of emceeing a conference call today featuring former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, David Barton, former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts, Ohio Congessman Bob McEwen, MBC Executive Director John Yeats and Bro. David Baker, pastor, First Baptist Church, Belton. Hundreds of Missouri pastors joined in as our guest speakers discussed the controversy surrounding Congressman Todd Akin and his quest to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill.

All expressed their support of Akin. Pastors have even changed their minds, calling me to tell me they had doubts about Akin — until today. Many words will be written about the unjust treatment of this Christian gentleman who has served his nation in Congress for 12 years. It is time for a groundswell of grassroots support to rise up in support of Todd Akin. He is Missouri mainstream through and through.

I end this post by featuring a thoughtful piece written by Pam Fichter, president of Missouri Right to Life, which along with National Right to Life and the Family Research Council, still strongly endorse Todd Akin:

The True Akin Scandal

 Over the course of this past week, Missouri Right to Life has been inundated with requests for interviews regarding Todd Akin.  We responded by issuing a statement in support of Cong. Akin’s defense of the life of an unborn child conceived in rape. Nothing has changed with the MRL PAC endorsement of Cong. Akin for the U.S. Senate. 
Cong. Akin’s statement defending the lives of unborn children conceived in rape has been misinterpreted and attacked by the media, anti-life extremists, and many squeamish Republicans who lack the intestinal fortitude to  defend their own platform which states:  “we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed.”
While Cong. Akin stumbled in making the point that there is a difference between a rape assault and statutory rape, and the incidence of pregnancy resulting from rape is low, his statement to not punish an innocent child for the crime of the father and defending the life of that child is what really has the anti-life extremists so exorcised. 
The “Akin situation” as it has become nationally known was not so much created by Mr. Akin’s awkwardly worded statement, for which he has profusely apologized and disavowed, but rather by those in the Republican establishment whose rapid retreat from defending a fundamental pro-life principle has thrown fuel on the fire. 
To top it all off, a group of past and present GOP Senators, led by a leading spokesman for human cloning and life-destroying embryonic stem cell research, former Senator John Danforth, have jumped on the anti-Akin bandwagon.  Sen. Danforth feels so strongly that one’s faith should not influence his politics that he wrote a book about it.  Contrast that to Congressman Akin’s faith which he displays with great courage. 
The frenzied press ignores the fact that while Congressman Akin supports the lives of all unborn children and has received a 100% pro-life rating from National Right to Life (NRLC),  Senator McCaskill, who has a 0% rating on pro-life issues from NRLC, supports abortion on demand and supported the Obama health care act which greatly expands tax-subsidized abortions.  She also opposed efforts to defund Planned Parenthood in spite of credible charges of their failure to report statutory rape as documented in an article by Charlotte Allen in the 10-22-07 edition of The Weekly Standard.
Also ignored is the extreme anti-life position of President Obama, who as Illinois state senator opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that would provide legal protection to babies born alive during abortions.  President  Obama opposed a ban on partial-birth abortion and believes abortion should be allowed even when used for sex selection.
Cong. Akin’s clumsy statement defending the lives of innocent human beings is a minor offense compared to the outrageous media bias, the Democrat hypocrisy and extreme anti-life positions, and the cowardice of many in the Republican establishment.  

Pam Fichter President Missouri Right to Life


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