Karl Rove’s apology to Todd Akin

After calling for Todd Akin to withdraw from his bid to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill because Akin misspoke, Republican icon strategist Karl Rove apologized Friday to Akin after making comments about Akin and murder.

His comments came amid reports that Akin, his family and campaign staff have received death threats. The threats are considered so serious that the FBI is looking into the matter. Threatening a congressman with death is a felony.

Rove called Akin Saturday and offered an apology. Akin accepted it.

The irony here is Rove, who misspoke about murder, Akin, his family and campaign workers, has been among the most vocal Republicans calling for Akin to step aside and let someone else run against the highly vunerable McCaskill.

Akin’s remarks about women and rape, Akin explained, was an error where the words he spoke did not match the belief in his heart. He apologized on statewide television and went even a step further, asking Missourians to forgive him.


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